Welcome to the Panther Project

January 5th, 2016
Kent Warneke
Norfolk Daily News
Not a day goes by in the Norfolk Public Schools that something interesting, educational, fun or important doesn’t occur.

The students may be well aware of what’s taking place; teachers and administrators, too. But what about everyone else.

That’s the premise behind the Panther Project — a collaborative effort involving the Norfolk Public Schools and the Daily News that has been in existence since the 2009-2010 school year. Each of the Norfolk school buildings has its own website, filled with information. But the sites tend to only be viewed by individuals and families with a direct connection to each school. By working with the Daily News and sharing some of that information on the newspaper’s website, many, many more people will see it.

Here’s how it works:

Each building within the school district has a media coordinator. Within the Daily News’ Web site at www.norfolkdailynews.com, we have created a separate page for each school building. Under the coordination of the Norfolk Public Schools’ Tim Kwapnioski, the media coordinators are encouraged to post as much information, photos, announcements and more on that portion of the Daily News’ website.

The benefit to the school district is that it gets additional exposure for the Norfolk Public Schools by piggybacking onto the most widely used website in Norfolk. The Daily News site attracts close to 2 million page views a month from 60,000 to 80,000 different users each month.

The advantage to individuals who are interested in the school district is that they now can go to just one Web site and see a host of information about different schools without having to go to so many individual websites.

The advantage to readers of the Daily News’ print edition is that from the information posted on the Web site from school media coordinators, some of the most noteworthy, most interesting items will be included in a Panther Project weekly advertisements in the newspaper.



100 Days Smarter!

February 14th, 2017

Mrs. Schold’s group recently celebrated their 100th day of school. That means these kiddos are 100 (plus a few) days smarter! It is amazing what 100 days of learning can do. These children are reading books, writing two or more sentences, and even doing math facts! This group is working hard to prepare for first grade.



LIFE at Westside

February 14th, 2017

In our Elementary LIFE program, we work on many essential skills for independence that range from functional academics to self care. Typically we build opportunities to practice these skills into the natural occurring events of our school day. Sometimes, though, we just need to have a break and do something that seems like it is just for fun. Here our students can be seen working on core muscle strength, balance and stability, and hand strength while enjoying every minute of it.



The Cat’s Cradle

February 14th, 2017

Mrs. Spiering’s class learned about different games around the world this week during reading. To finish up our study, we learned about Ayatori which is a Japanese art of wrapping string around fingers to make designs. The kids had a blast experimenting and finally mastering “The Cat’s Cradle”.


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We’re Over the Hill

February 8th, 2017

4th graders at Westside celebrated the 100th day of school by writing about their lives….as if they were 100! Students had to write about where they live, what their career was, how big their family was, and what their biggest accomplishments were.



It’s amazing how many Olympic Gold Medal winners we have here at Westside! Our futures look BRIGHT!



Reading Winners at Grant!

February 3rd, 2017

Grant was packed for our annual Family Game Night as students won tons of books in November. Grant Family Feast and Book Walk was held in January and offered another chance to win oodles of more books! There were many happy faces and fun conversations as students picked from a variety of genres, including historical fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction and biographies.

Thank you Grant students, parents and teachers for packing the gym and making reading a priority!

IMG_4199 IMG_4200 IMG_4201 IMG_4202


100 Days of School Celebrated By Students

February 2nd, 2017

100_5438 100_5442 100_5445 100_5454100_5439 100_5447


100_5458 100_5475


In Kindergarten, we made 100 day crowns, wrote and made ourselves at 100 years old, counted 100 fruit loops and made them into necklaces with the help of Mr. Strong.  We also build structures using 100 cups, and counted to 100 by 1s and 10s.


Mayor Visits 4th Grade

February 1st, 2017

Mayor Moenning came to visit with our 4th graders to tell us about his job as mayor of Norfolk.



PTO Game Night

February 1st, 2017

20170126_184920 20170126_184932


Woodland Park’s family night was a huge success!  We had 240 people attend! Woodland Park was able to give away approximately 200 books.  Thank you all for spending your evening with us even though we had such bad weather.




20170126_184936 20170126_185311


We Kahoot Do you?

January 31st, 2017

Global Kahoot Challenge in Mrs. Groninger’s 3rd grade!


One our favorite activities to practice the skills we learn is to play Kahoot each week. Kahoot is an multiple choice quiz run in real time. We decided to “take it up a notch” by challenging another class in our district. We asked Mrs. Coffin’s 3rd grade class from Grant Elementary to play us. However, Mickie Mueller, NPS Educational Technology Facilitator, raised the bar even higher for us. She invited Kahoot Steph to play also. Steph works for Kahoot and is charge of “teacher happiness” and she works in London, England. Using webcams we were able to play a global Kahoot about figurative language. After the Kahoot, each class had the opportunity to ask Kahoot Steph questions about England. It was definitely a highlight of our school year. It also won’t be the last time with play Kahoot with Mrs. Coffin’s class or Kahoot Steph!

File_000 File_001 File_002 File_003


FUN in P.E.

January 30th, 2017

Westside gym is a “FUN” place to be! Tumbling to Basketball to Jump Rope for Heart!

Basketball dribbling

photo Alex tumbling

photo Emerson tumbling

Jump Rope for Heart will take place February 17th in the Westside gym during your child’s PE class. Information will be coming home soon, please watch for it!

Mrs. Cahill, Ms. Bowers student teacher, will be with us until March 3rd. We welcome her here!

image1 Mrs. Cahill

photo Jump rope for heart